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Website Klub dates back some 5+ years, when we got the opportunity to build our first websites for diverse clients. It was, however, in the months of September and October of 2017 when we decided to form Website Klub in its current format. The idea behind was fairly simple – we felt that there was a large community of businesses from different industries who were not adequately served.

Digital marketing companies were generally catering to big clients, simply because their budgets were bigger, and it was less hassle. Opportunities for upselling were tremendous, and as a result, especially small (and to some extent, medium) businesses, were not getting the service they deserved, especially in terms of value for money.

Additionally, while everybody is aware that online presence is a must these days, industry is often dominated by digital buzzwords and professionals with superb understanding of IT, but unfortunately, fairly limited know-how of how their customers operate or what their objectives are.

Finally, we recognized that projects – website development – are frequently delayed and de-prioritized. Or how, after going live, promised support was missing – because money had already exchanged hands.

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Here at Website Klub, we live by a simple motto: Affordable – Simple – Fast. We ensure that our customers get the best value for money in the industry. We speak your language, demystifying all the digital lingo, and understanding your priorities, not ours. And finally, we built the right infrastructure so that your website is up and running as agreed.

Website Klub was founded by 4 enthusiasts with a combined experience of almost 100 years in different industries: Consumer Packaged Goods, Marketing, Hospitality, Financial Services, Real Estate, Construction… We want to understand your business before making any proposals, and we are not talking merely about a short discovery session. We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but in today’s world, we are at your service wherever you may be.

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Value for Money

Because we offer the best value for money in the industry. We are 100% transparent when it comes to our pricing, and we want our customers to benefit from our efficiency too. We work hard, and when we save, we pass the savings to our customers. We don’t up-sell, cross-sell or y-sell things our customers don’t need. We believe that our clients know their businesses best, and it’s our job to build websites that will best serve our customers’ needs – in an affordable way.


Digital world is here, and it belongs to all of us. We strip it down of all the unnecessary buzzwords, remove the complexity, and we work with you in an easy, simple way that everybody understands. It’s our job to make sure that our customers understand what they are getting, pros and cons of every option, and that they decide on what’s best for them, not for us. Whether you are a roofing company, car dealership or a pediatric clinic, we will do our best to understand the nuances of your industry and work with you on building your website. And you’ll find us refreshingly simple to work with.

Speed of Response

Our clock starts ticking from the moment you contact us. We are transparent about our lead times, and our team works around the clock to make sure that you get your website within the agreed time - I we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. And we know it’s important to get your new website fast, because only then you can expect more traffic, more customers, and increased revenues.


We have a simple guideline when in doubt on how to proceed - what would we do if this were our own business. And almost all the time, the answer will turn out to be correct. And because we run a flat structure, our most senior people will have a full visibility of our customers project, and will make sure that every website gets our full attention. We never do anything just to get it done - we only consider it complete when our customer is satisfied with it, and when the website delivers its intended purpose - driving awareness, converting customers, and helping grow our revenues.

Giving Back

We are an instrumental part of the communities where we operate - and in particular, we feel very strongly about education - so whether it’s an individual scholarship, or school bags for the whole class, at Website Klub, we will do our best to make sure every kid (or adult) get the education they deserve.


In everything we do. As the saying goes, the world belongs to the discontent, and here at Website Klub, we constantly look into new ways to take the cost out of our business, improve our customer experience, build websites quicker and with as few changes as possible. We strive to amaze, with passion and speed, and we hope that it will show in the quality of our work - our customers’ websites.

Our Business Approach

Our approach is encapsulated in our motto – Affordable. Simple. Fast. If it does not add value, we don’t do it. We constantly review the way we operate, and we remove and simplify whenever we can. We are always on the look out for faster ways to build great websites, without compromising the quality.

This approach allows us to pass the savings to you, so that you can reinvest and grow your business.

Our 4D Delivery Approach

  • Define

    We understand your industry, gather the requirements & define the approach
  • Design

    We work on an industry specific design that will meet your needs
  • Develop

    Once the design is approved, our highly qualified developers code the designs
  • Deliver

    We test to ensure that everything is as per your expectations & then deliver

We are based in the very heart of Charlotte, North Carolina – one of the fastest growing cities in the country, with a very young and vibrant workforce. Having our base in Charlotte allows us to tap into some of the best talent in the country, and make sure that you get the benefits that this talent is able to generate. If there is a new technology that will help you get more customers via your website, or that will make your website hassle-free – you will have access to it.

We also have an office in Hyderabad, India – one of the world’s largest IT hubs. Google, Oracle, Microsoft – to name a few, have offices in Hyderabad, because of its vast and growing IT brainpower. Our team and infrastructure in India consists of highly skilled engineers, designers, programmers and quality testers, and this enables us to utilize their know-how for the benefit of your business.


101 S Tryon St, 27th Floor, Ste 100 Charlotte 28280


Shanti Kunj, Raj Nagar, Secunderabad 500011


KLUB NETWORK is a community for small business owners and entrepreneurs to share, learn, discuss, strategize and get guidance on Best Practices so that they can take informed decisions.

In short, ask your questions and get your answers to manage your business better

Our members also get several benefits including WHOLESALE pricing on Digital Marketing services, discounts and opportunities to network with fellow members and potentially do business with each other.


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Highly Affordable

We keep our costs low so that you can too. This enables you to reinvest & focus on your core business.

Incredibly Simple

We demystify all the digital lingo. We speak your language & deliver what you need.

Extremely Fast

Our team works around the clock so that your website is up & running in no time.

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