10 Website Trends in 2018 That Must Be Adopted

Website Trends in 2018

10 Website Trends in 2018 That Must Be Adopted


The old adage goes “first impressions are everything”, however, in 2018, it is critical that your website create a lasting impression.

Your website should be a reflection of your company, your brand, and highlight everything current and potential customers need to know about the company, its products, services, or other offerings.

The quality of your website is a critical component of your overall digital presence. Digitally aware businesses are always on a quest to improve their websites to make them easier to navigate, user-friendly, with the goal to ultimately increase conversions.

We have compiled a list of 10 trends that can enhance your website and let you stand out from your competitors.

Top 10 Website Trends in 2018

1. Minimalistic Design

The minimalistic layout is synonymous with a simple website. A site with fewer elements, basic design, and a spacious interface will make the cut.

Minimalist Website Design

Minimalist Website Design: https://agneslloydplatt.com/

Flat Design is another alternate technique adopted by many web developers. This method involves the use of bright colors and 2D images to give the site a simple, straightforward look and feel.

2. Usability

Usability has always been key to making an impactful website. Sites with an inherent design, with images and aspects that are pleasing to the eyes, are going to attract more traffic than those without these features.

Simple, instinctive, and efficient navigation is another essential element that should a focus of your website design. If customers find your site difficult to navigate, you will lose them even before they have started the journey.

Website Usability

Website Usability: https://www.harrys.com/en/us

Users these days demand a web page that loads quickly and provides fast, accurate, and relevant results and information.

3. Integrated Animation

With the advanced browser technology, more websites are diverting from static images and finding animations more suitable to engage users. The trend is to do smaller animations for engaging the visitor through the entire experience on a page.

Animations to engage the user while a page is loading, or showing an interesting hover state for a link are gaining popularity.

Websites with Integrated Animation

Websites with Integrated Animation: https://airnauts.com/

Focal points for navigation, scrolling are being created through animations.

In order to capture users’ attention animations are being used to convey complex information in a short span of time in a more engaging and informative manner.

4. Customized User Experience

In 2018, custom user experience may become the norm. Instead of providing a one size fits all or standard experience, the site’s content and design can be tailored appropriately to suit the needs of your customers.

Statistically, 70% of internet users are not happy if the web page they are accessing has unwanted advertisements. Personalized websites cater seamlessly to the needs of the customer and offer a pleasant customer experience.

5. Exceptional Content

Content marketing is likely to further develop in 2018. There is more impetus on Topic Clusters. Websites that give users relevant information, with the help of graphics, videos, slideshows, and infographics tend to perform better than others with less content.

Marketing automation is also experiencing an upward trend. Many websites will include banner ads, customized landing pages, and different promotional activities to enhance email marketing campaigns. Traditional email marketing campaigns will likely not be enough to win current customers.

6. Bold Colors

Bright and bold colors on websites were earlier perceived as unprofessional. However, sites with vibrant colors are trending in 2018.

Websites with Bold & Bright Colors

Websites with Bold & Bright Colors: http://www.dotlung.com/

Bold colors can have a dominant impact on the user when viewed on high-resolution screens. Vibrant colors make all the difference in flat design concepts.

7. Full-Screen Videos as Backgrounds

Video Background for Websites

Video Background for Websites: https://y.co/

Websites equipped with full-screen background videos that play upon opening the link are becoming a popular trend due to increased browsing speed and advanced browser technology. The videos engage and retain the attention of the user.

8. Card Based Designing Technique

Several websites are using card-based design. This design is perfect for users with smartphones of varying screen dimensions, as it provides content in chunks that are can be quickly scanned.

Card-based design goes hand in hand with simplicity. These websites are made to appear simple, and they provide easily digestible information that pushes the viewer to respond to the necessary call to actions that can lead them to a targeted landing page.

9. Wall-to-Wall Site Layout Strips

Wall-to-wall site strips provide an enhanced user experience by dividing website layouts into different rectangular sections. These full-width image strips can be of varying lengths that serve to break the site into specific parts of information or data. This method is an assured way to break the website into different sections while providing a pleasant appearance to its viewers.

10. Lack of Navigation

Traditional navigation menus are typically positioned at the top of a website page. Recently, many websites have been experimenting with novel navigation menus, and in some cases, there is no navigation “menu,” but rather a unique way of directing the user towards the information they’re searching for.

The use of ghost buttons is a popular and emerging web designing trend. Ghost buttons are transparent that blend seamlessly with the background for a complete look.

To maintain relevance in today’s world of web design, it’s worth investing in the latest elements and functionalities. You do not have to incorporate every trend, but executing a few will have you well on your way to a modern, fantastic website.

Are you ready to be the trendsetter in your industry? Ask for a free consultation and one of our web design experts will be able to address your needs.

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